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Patented Technology For

Customizing Wireless Communications in Protected Venues

Smart Zone Technology  
Smart Zone technology enables communication from a cellular network or an access point to disable or disarm devices, such as drones, cell phones, and even firearms. 
  • Prevent a smartphone from taking a photo, recording audio or video, making a voice call, texting, emailing, or internet browsing within the venue.
  • Prevent a drone intrusion into an area, prevent augmented reality gaming in inappropriate locations, or even prevent a firearm equipped with this technology from being fired at people in a protected public venue.

Technology Applications

Drone Control to Prevent Intrusions
When built into a drone, Smart Zone technology can disable capabilities or alter operation of the drone in defined geographical locations.
For example, a drone can be prevented from takeoff within a restricted area, have its flight path altered to divert it around restricted areas, or have its camera or video recording functions blocked when flying in restricted areas.
In-Store Shopping Control
Prevent loss of in-store sales from customers who browse products and then place their sales orders online at steep discounts. Online stores operate without the overhead of physical stores. 

Smart Zone technology, deployed on mobile phones, can prevent this from happening within a retail venue by blocking all web access, or access to selected shopping sites while the customer is in the store.
Gun Control in Hospitals, Schools, Parks and Public Venues
Prevent unauthorized use of firearms in a protected venue, such as a school, church or other public place.  
Smart Zone Technology can impose use restrictions on firearms equipped with this technology. Firearms can be restricted to only their intended purpose, disarming them for unauthorized targets in protected  venues (such as school children) or in a way in which it is unsafe. 
Adoption of this technology by firearms manufacturers can, over time, reduce the supply of firearms capable of being used in shootings and improve the overall safety of firearms.
Communication Control in Retail, Hospitals, Schools, Theaters, Museums and Public Venues
Restrict smartphone use in protected venues, such as limiting voice calls in the library or a restaurant; restricting internet browsing in a retail store; or preventing camera use in an art museum or gym locker room. 
Smart Zone technology enables a restrictions-database on the cellular network and/or on a wireless device, giving venues the ability to control all wireless devices connected to their network, or only particular wireless devices. 
Communication Control for Wireless Providers 
Provide commercial subscribers with a cellular network access point uniquely tailored to customers’ preferences. 
Smart Zone technology allows wireless service providers to offer subscription services to commercial customers that control how wireless devices are used in their place of business. Restrictions can be imposed on wireless communications devices at the network level, at the level of the wireless device, or both, according to conditions and geographic boundaries specified by the service provider and/or subscribers.
Augmented Reality Application Control
Reduce trespassing on private property. Prevent placement of augmented reality virtual objects “on” private property. 
Smart Zone technology can be used to restrict augmented reality applications within defined, protected venues.
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